Top 5 Reasons You Should Sign Your Kids up for Summer Camp Today

Kids have been out of school for about a month now. Your routine is shot, they’re staying up later, not eating quite as healthy as you would like, and generally taking a break. Maybe you’re starting to think “I need a little break!”

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If you’re asking yourself if you should send your kids to a great summer camp you should read this article. These reasons might help you decide. #summercamp

You can both get one by letting them go to summer kids camp.

A great camp like James River Kids puts them in an opportunity beyond electronic screens, social media, sporting events, dance lessons, or whatever else is going on to focus on being directly connected with a savior who is always watching over them, Jesus.

What I’m talking about is sending the kids to an amazing worship experience.

I love summer kids camp, and as a camp leader, I get to be right in the heart of the excitement of camp. On more than one occasion I’ve been overrun by a pack of 3rd graders in a game of “King of the Lily Pad” swimming in the pond. I get to throw the mundane spreadsheet piloting I do every day for three days of constant fun activity, and kids get an amazing change of scenery too.

At camp even the cleanest of kids drops their reservations and loves slogging through mud in fun games.

You can watch a timid kid who doesn’t want to get in the water come alive when they’re standing on a paddle board.

So you might be saying “OK, fine but I have good kids what makes camp so important?”

Camp is Fun!

  • For three days kids are in a safe environment that they can have fun.  They laugh, play, unwind, cheer each other on and live life.
  • Kids get to hang out and cheer on other kids their age while having a blast.
  • In a good camp, they will be so busy having a good time that they won’t get homesick.  Ecclesiastes 2:24

Camp Gives Attention

  • The average attention span for a teenager today is 8 seconds.  That’s down from 12 seconds in 2000 and is now less than a Goldfish’s attention span!
  • Going to a good camp that keeps the kids moving and draws them into an amazing message can direct their focus. Romans 12:2

Camp Builds Community

  • Kids are a team together. They encourage each other to work as a group.
  • There’s no time to compare yourself to others, you’re all one community of boys or girls in a dorm setting.
  • Everyone hears the same message at camp and can rely on each other for support. Proverbs 17:17

Camp Gives a Break to Social Media

  • 67% of teens are using social media daily and 88% percent of them are on social media, at least, weekly.  Unfortunately, they are learning to be social on a screen and yet unsocial in physical communication with others.
  • Going to camp allows them to unplug from the social media comparisons and learn how to interact with friends they know and new people they meet. Proverbs 5:1

Campers Pray

  • Kids find a sense of security and peace at camp.
  • Kids pray for the healing of their parent’s marriage, sibling drug addictions, and for Jesus to come into their heart.
  • Camp allows kids to not be intimidated by sharing their prayer needs with their friends.  They’re friends and leaders pray with them as a community. Proverbs 11:14

I would encourage you to reach out to your church youth ministry to find out about kids camp. Ask them what the program is and start talking to your kids about it.  Also, if you have a passion for leading kids and want to be part of the fun, I’m sure there’s a place for you to help.

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