November 6, 2015


Hi, I’m Bay Mourer.  I’m a motivational speaker with a passion for inspiring young people to find their gifts, use their talent, and live their calling.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of young people that don’t think that there’s anything special about them.   They don’t feel like they are any different than the life they live today. Maybe they don’t realize that they have a unique ability inside of them that could help anyone.

I know about the challenges that young people face today and my job is to help them realize that they have unique gifts specific to them, they can use their talent to share with others, and they were meant to live their calling.

They don’t have to compare themselves with their friends or think that they are not good enough because of an excuse someone put on them. Each one of them has their own gift that makes them special, and by changing their focus to developing those gifts they can live their calling.

A little bit about me

Just like so many of the young people I talk to I didn’t have a guide to help me understand how I can share my message with the world.  My focus was on being better than the person next to me, or money, or a career.  Once I realized that what I love to do is also what I’m most talented in doing and it has a positive impact on the people around me, I found it: being a motivational speaker.

What you’ll find is I’m a very passionate speaker that thrives off of keeping the audience engaged.  Let’s face it, it’s not easy keeping the attention of young people focused for very long, so you better be on target.  My blend of comedy, audience interaction and thought provoking questions help them leave with and understanding that they do have a very unique gift to share and there is more to living life rather than worry about what someone else thinks I’m supposed to do.  

Most requested topics

Audience: Youth

  • Being a Super Hero – Most young people don’t know what they have Super Powers (Gifts) are or how to use them… until now.  This fun and interactive presentation will leave young people talking about how Super they are.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Build Confidence
      • Provide Hope
      • Dreaming Big Dreams
      • Becoming a Hero for Others

Audience: Teenagers, University

  • Forward Focus – With so many distractions in a young person’s life today there seems to be a lack of focus on just what it is that they were meant to do in life.  We’ll take a visual example of what it means to pick a point and follow it to living your calling.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Finding your Gifts
      • Identify your Team
      • Mapping the Destination
      • Stay on Track
  • Living the Good Life – Success should not be defined by what others expect of you.  This presentation encourages young people to not focus on another’s view of success for living, but that they are living a successful life with the gifts and talent that they have.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Defining Success
      • Stop Comparing
      • Money Isn’t Everything
      • Measuring Success

Thank you!

I feel blessed that you are taking the time to review this page and that you are focused on the young people in your life.  I would be happy to come to your school, church, or event to motivate your young people to find their gifts, use their talent and live their calling.

To make it easy as possible to get in touch with me, please press the button below to start the conversation.

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